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How Can You Sort Clothes Better in Your Modular Closet?

These days, standardized modular closet systems are becoming more and more popular. These are attractive, cost-effective and easy to set up. You can get a much better finish and expect a lot of space for storage. Find out how you can sort your clothing items better in these closets.

Empty it out

Take out all the clothes from the modular closet. This might sound very unpleasant and overwhelming for you, but happens to be the best way for you to begin with a clean slate. Once you take out all the items, you can sort them easily into 3 manageable piles. You should donate the pile that consists of clothing you will never wear. Keep one for the closet, and the other one should be packed away to keep at some other place.

Label the shelves

You are never going to find anything in your closet if you cram everything in a disorganized fashion. If you want to be more organized, label all your stuffs. Every carton and bin that you use for storage can be in a jumble, unless they are labeled properly.

Strive for color coordination

Even if you are not very high on style, you have to consider the color of your apparels when you dress up for your day. When you sort clothes by color, you may be able to track down the same very easily. Keep everything in a proper and orderly state inside your closet. A sorting scheme based on color will make it much easier for you to find the stuffs that you need.

Follow a proper post-washing regimen

Once you are done with some laundry, it can often be tempting for you to just toss a few clothes into a basket and ignore them for some time. However, by the time you actually fold them up, you are not likely to be very neat about organizing them in an orderly fashion. It is better that you get habituated to fold and put your clothes away right after washing the same.

Re-fold the clothes as required Whenever you find any of the clothes slipping out of place, put it back. If you find your footwear taking up floor space, pick them up and organize them. With regular care and monitoring, you can do with just 1 – 2 cleanings each year. The thought of organizing the space will not make you so anxious anymore.

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